Central Ministry Focus

The Nav Neighbors Guiding and Defining Ideas llustration is our ministry roadmap. Last week we began to unpack the illustration, starting with our calling. Here we examine what we need to do day in and day out to accomplish our calling.

Simply put, we must nurture and develop lifelong laborers who flourish in generational fruitfulness. We know a lot about nurturing and developing laborers as well as generational fruitfulness. So let’s look closely at the concept of flourishing.

In my travels it’s not uncommon to meet laborers who are not flourishing. They have caught our DNA and are doing the best they can to live and disciple among the lost. By doing so, however, they have unintentionally set themselves apart from others. They feel isolated and alone. Yes, many are connected to churches or ministries. But because of their focus, they don’t feel understood or affirmed. In short, they are not flourishing.

What does it mean to flourish? The dictionary puts it this way:

  • to be at the peak of condition; healthy
  • to be in a vigorous state; thrive
  • to grow well or luxuriantly; luxuriate
  • to do or fare well; prosper, successful
  • to be in a period of highest productivity, development, excellence, or influence; fly high
By this multifaceted definition, again, some of our laborers are not flourishing in generational fruitfulness. Therefore, this is our day-to-day task: We must do all we can to come alongside those laborers who are living and discipling among the lost in order to resource, encourage, and empower them so that they will flourish in the many contexts where God has planted them.

How would you characterize the laborers in your ministry—are they flourishing in generational fruitfulness? If so, what are some of the affirming signs? If not, what is the Spirit saying to your spirit?