Direction: Strategic Leadership Tool #1

Just as real sandboxes have such toys as rakes, shovels, buckets, and sieves, the Nav Neighbors Guiding and Defining Ideas "sandbox" has strategic leadership tools. In the next several blogs, we will take a close look at three of these tools: direction, vision, and strategy. When we learn to use these tools well, we will be better positioned to “play well with others.” Let’s turn our attention to the first tool: direction.

John Kotter, a favorite author on leadership, says direction is central to the primary acts of leadership. Good leaders, he explains, set the direction, align people to that direction, and inspire and motivate people to move in the established direction. I call this “turn the head, turn the body, and move the feet.” First, get people’s attention (turn the head). Then get them facing the right way (turn the body). Finally, inspire and motivate them to start walking (move the feet).

Which way are we going? In Nav Neighbors, we want everyone to move toward those without Christ. We recognize that engaging with those who don’t know Jesus is the front edge, the leading edge of our calling. This is certainly not all we do, but it is something that we must do in order to fulfill our calling.

In practice this means greeting our neighbors and proactively getting to know them. Many are likely unbelievers. It means praying for those in our extended family, especially those we know to be unbelievers. It means intentionally engaging with unbelievers in our relational networks.

Q Place has published a piece called The Arts of Spiritual Conversations. The nine arts are: noticing, praying, listening, asking questions, loving, welcoming, facilitating, serving together, and sharing. These arts are simple enough for everyone to do, wouldn’t you agree?

Are you facing toward those without Christ? What will you do today or this week to intentionally move your feet in that direction?