Our Nav Neighbors Calling

What are we ultimately committed to accomplish? As we begin to unpack the Nav Neighbors Guiding and Defining Ideas "sandbox," our calling provides the answer:

To advance the Gospel of Jesus and His Kingdom into the families, neighborhoods, communities, and cities of America through spiritual generations of laborers living and discipling among the lost.

Our calling is both similar to and different from the international calling of The Navigators. Here are some of the similarities.

First, we are committed to advancing the Gospel of Jesus. He is the central figure. The Good News is all about Him—what He has done for us, and what He offers us. We are committed to intentionally advancing the Good News about Jesus.

Second, we recognize that Jesus’ Kingdom is much broader and more expansive than what most of us experience. We realize that most of us in the United States experience a western, cultural version of Christianity that some refer to as Christendom. A deeper experience of this Kingdom is what we yearn for and long to advance.

Third, we recognize that the greater fulfillment of our calling will happen through the spiritual generations of laborers who live and disciple among the lost. While we are active participants in the advancement of the Good News about Jesus and His Kingdom, we are committed to helping those laborers succeed.

There is one essential difference. The international calling is global in scope. It includes all nations. The Nav Neighbors calling is a particular subset that focuses within the United States. Although we are committed to the nations, the Nav Neighbors calling starts right outside your front door and extends from next door to everywhere. It involves the people all around you—the people who live on your street, the folks you meet in the store, colleagues at work, friends at church, and the people who watch the same evening news that you do.

We are committed to The Navigators calling; we express it through the Nav Neighbors calling. What about our calling absolutely thrills you?