Vision: Strategic Leadership Tool #2

In my last blog I mentioned that, just as real sandboxes have tools, the Nav Neighbors Guiding and Defining Ideas "sandbox" has three important leadership tools—direction, vision, and strategy—that help us “play well with others.” We've taken a look at the first tool, direction. Now let’s examine the second, vision.

Close your eyes and picture the outcome of your ministry. What do you see? In Nav Neighbors, we long to see workers for the Kingdom next door to everyone who are partnering with God and others to transform families, neighborhoods, and communities all across America.

The first paragraph of our Navigator Vision says, “We see a vital movement of the Gospel. . . . Workers for the Kingdom are next door to everywhere!” The rest of the statement describes the characteristics of this movement as well as its results.

Similarly, in Nav Neighbors we see vital movements of the Gospel that transform individuals, families, neighborhoods, and communities all across America. What does this mean? First, it means that wherever we as staff are and wherever our lifelong laborers are, we long to see the Gospel planted in the lives of those without Christ and move from person to person to the fourth generation and beyond.

In addition, we long to see the transformative effects of the Gospel on all the lives we touch. We want to see transformation in their character, attitudes, values, and relationships, especially those in their immediate families.

Beyond that, we want to see families, neighborhoods, and communities transformed. Just like the oaks of righteousness in Isaiah 61:4, we want to see our laborers rebuild the ancient ruins, restore the places long devastated, and renew the ruined cities. (Also see Isaiah 58:12.)

In the end, we want to make a difference for eternity. Is that what you see? How is the Lord blessing, giving you the desire of your heart?