Reflections: Our Reputation

Each of us has a need to be significant. We want to make a difference, and we want that difference to last. In your own context, you have a unique vision of how that difference will work itself out among the people you care for. You will likely develop your own strategies suited to your best abilities and calling from God. Together, collectively, we can make a difference and have a great impact. Now it’s your turn to reflect. What difference are you making in the lives of those around you? Make your mark and make it hard to erase!

As time goes on, I’m sure it will become clearer that the Navigator Church Ministries focuses on church-based strategies and laborers in specific churches; the focus of Navigators Workplace is on workers and workplace strategies; the focus of I-58 Navigators is on specific areas of our cities and specific socioeconomic groups; and the focus of Navigators Neighbors is on families and relational networks, both near and far. You, also, have a sphere of ministry. How do you describe it?

What encourages you most about the diversity of people and ministries within Navigators Neighbors? Who has complementary gifts you could partner with to maximize your effectiveness?

In your life and ministry, how has God led you to uniquely reflect your commitment to the nations? Also, what does (or might) a “bias toward the younger generations” look like for you?

What part of our Guiding and Defining Ideas really resonates with your heart? Which has led you to make a particular "revision" in your ministry?