Upon Further Reflection: Revising Our Guiding & Defining Ideas

In the last several months I’ve traveled to eight different cities and presented the Nav Neighbors Guiding and Defining Ideas illustration with Navigator staff across all Missions in those locations. In addition, I have presented this information to a number of other individuals and small groups. On most occasions, I described these ideas as being “set in wet cement.” When I asked for feedback, many offered perceptive comments and now have their personal imprint on the final version of our Guiding and Defining Ideas. 

Let me highlight five revisions and the reason for the changes.
Central Ministry Focus: Nurture, develop, and support lifelong laborers who flourish in generational ministry. Revision: We added the word “support” because our commitment extends well beyond the initial stages of nurturing and developing.
Guiding Principle #1: Obey Christ’s command: love God, love neighbor, and love one another. Revision: We made “obedience to Jesus” the simple, clear, and direct commands that He gave. We are still interested in “submission to His Kingdom” but will not include it here.
Guiding Principle #8: Create healthy environments characterized by safety, trust, and respect. Revision: We wanted to put the emphasis on “healthy environments.”
Heart Motivations (previously Preferred Culture): The original language came from T. J. Addington’s book Leading from the Sandbox. Revision: It became clear that the items we listed did not actually describe culture. Rather, they were more closely related to the heart motivations that were needed to produce the Kingdom-like culture we desired.
Our aspiration: To be a life-giving people in all the places where God has assigned us. Revision: In an effort to condense a lot of ideas into a single sentence, we felt that the life was sucked out of the original intent, which was simply to be a life-giving people in a place. We are still interested in relationships, transformation, and mission.
What part of our Guiding and Defining Ideas really resonates with your heart? Which has led you to make a particular "revision" in your ministry?