An Invaluable Leadership Lesson

As a young leader in a national role many years ago, I learned an invaluable leadership lesson. I had just finished casting a vision for a new ministry. Immediately, experienced staff began pulling me aside to privately ask questions. Aren’t we still committed to discipleship? Don’t we still do one-on-one ministry? Why didn’t you mention something about the basics? All had their particular concern. While I had stressed where we were going, I failed to emphasize what we were taking with us.

So here’s the invaluable lesson. When leading change, it’s important to both state what will be different as well as affirm what will not change. In light of this, here are five things we in Navigators Neighbors do well and won’t change. Each has a corresponding thing we must do better—a stretch goal, if you will. This is not a comprehensive list, but it does address the “big rocks”:

Five things we do well:

  • Facilitate individual transformation
  • Multiply disciples, laborers, and leaders
  • Reach anyone who responds
  • Produce spiritual generations of laborers
  • Live and disciple among the lost
Five things we must do better:
  • Transform families, neighborhoods, and communities
  • Multiply missional communities
  • Reach families and relational networks strategically
  • Engage laborers who flourish in generational ministry
  • Foster generational fruitfulness among the lost
Toward this end, in future blogs I will write about various aspects of Navigators Neighbors. Watch for elements of these 10 items scattered throughout.

Right now, let me encourage you to use these items as a checklist. Which are going well for you? Which could you do better?