Communicate, communicate, communicate

In the midst of change, most leaders under-communicate. That’s why change leaders emphatically challenge: “communicate, communicate, communicate.”

In the midst of the launch of the Navigators Neighbors Mission, you need to know where we are going and how we intend to get there. Thus, welcome to my blog—the first of a number of blogs to unpack Navigators Neighbors Guiding and Defining Ideas.

The purpose is to give you specific information about our Mission. For example, I will initially write about our name, calling, vision, strategy, guiding principles, central ministry focus, and preferred culture. With each blog entry, I would love to receive and respond to any feedback you may have.

By the way, you can follow this blog here. It's my hope that each blog post will inspire you in your own ministry to friends, family, and folks in your community.

All this to say, as I seek to help lead change well, here’s my plan: “communicate, communicate, communicate”!