Catching FIRE

When a reporter asked Michael Jordan how he was able to see the whole court, he famously said, “You don’t need to see, you need vision.”
Billy Graham once said about Dawson Trotman, “Dawson was a man with a vision. When our God is small, the world looks big; but when our God is big, the world looks small. And Dawson saw the world as conquerable for Christ. No project was too big to tackle if he felt God was in it.”  
As we’ve reflected on each aspect of The Navigators Vision, what we have seen is nothing short of huge. It’s a movement that flows out into all the nations of the world and into the deepest parts of the human soul. It is beyond us; we cannot make it happen in our own strength. It was given by God and we must depend on Him to carry it out. The fulfilment of this vision will be supernatural.
This vision is not only supernatural, it is also very natural because it is to be carried out by ordinary people: “Ordinary people, in many walks of life, are joyfully leading integrated lives. They live as fruitful insiders among the lost.” Our vision does not imagine a professional religious class. It is based on what our founder called little ones being their best for God.
In a world of people seemingly inoculated against the Good News, we must be people whose lives reflect the deep Kingdom reality on which our vision is based. Jesus said, “I’ve come to start a fire on this earth—how I wish it were blazing right now! I’ve come to change everything, turn everything rightside up—how I long for it to be finished!” (Luke 12:49-50, MSG). We have to be people on fire. Here are some of the qualities from our vision that I hope you will remember. To help you do so, I’ve made them into the acrostic FIRE.

  • Fragrant with humility and the aroma of Christ
  • In committed community
  • Rooted incarnationally in their local context
  • Established in discipleship
Ordinary people, transformed by the Spirit, live out these qualities. This is our vision. This is what we see. So, lean in. Here’s one final Dawson Trotman quote: “The greatest amount of wasted time is the time not getting started.” To do so, as Michael Jordan observed, we need vision. Let’s “get started” and wholeheartedly go after the vision God has given us!
For Your Consideration:
The acrostic FIRE captures key elements of The Navigators Vision. How far have you come in each of these areas? Grab a notebook or journal, and use it to reflect on each of these qualities. Take your time with this—don’t try to cover all four areas in one sitting! Some questions you might ask:
  • What initial steps have I taken in this area?
  • What are my goals here?
  • What next steps can I take toward reaching my goals?
  • How can I continue to develop this quality?
  • What barriers am I encountering to growth in this area? How might they be overcome, with God’s help?
  • Who can help me pursue these goals?
  • How can I pass these values on to those I am helping spiritually?
Remember to celebrate your progress as you live from this vision and play an integral part in fulfilling our Calling: “to advance the gospel of Jesus and His Kingdom into the nations through spiritual generations of laborers, living and discipling among the lost”!

Al Engler is the director of Navigators Neighbors. To contact him or to learn more about his ministry, click here.

Editor's Note: This is the final piece in a series of articles unpacking the vision of The Navigators. The opening article in the series is Unpacking Our Vision: An Introduction.