In an effort to develop a more Kingdom-like culture, we will move toward our passion, rhythm, Kingdom lifestyle, and finally, our aspiration. Simply put, our aspiration is to be a life-giving people in all the places God has assigned us. 

When it comes to our Navigators Neigbhors ministry, a second Heart Motivation is Our Kingdom Lifestyle: Living with righteousness, justice, mercy, truth, love, and grace. 

Nature, as does all of life, has its natural rhythms. As spiritual beings made in the image of God, we also have a natural rhythm. In Navigators Neighbors, our natural rhythm is to be drawn into God’s intimate presence for nurture and growth and then thrust out in mission to do our work in the world. 

What ethos do we need to have to accomplish our Navigators Neighbors Calling, Central Ministry Focus, and Guiding Principles? Preferred Culture provides the answer.