Heart Motivation: Our Rhythm

First, I’m pleased to attach a revised Guiding and Defining Ideas illustration. The revisions have come through countless conversations in my visits with Navigators. I'll speak more about the changes later. For now, as we continue to look at each aspect of the illustration, today we’re looking at the second Heart Motivation—Our Rhythm. 

Nature, as does all of life, has its natural rhythms. As spiritual beings made in the image of God, we also have a natural rhythm. In Navigators Neighbors, our natural rhythm is to be drawn into God’s intimate presence for nurture and growth and then thrust out in mission to do our work in the world. This rhythm can be seen in our morning devotions and our daily activity. These times alone with God are designed to refresh our souls and rejuvenate our spirits so that we are fit to fulfill our calling in the world.

When this rhythm gets out of whack, idolatry can creep in. Idolatry occurs when something takes the place of God, when we depend on something other than God. We Navigators are typically strong in mission. When mission becomes our excessive focus, that’s when our work can become an idol. This is a violation of our natural rhythm.

How might we know if our ministry is becoming our idol? Here are three evidences.

  • Waning prayer. This may be a sign that we don’t think we need God as much. 
  • Fatigue from over-extension. This may be a sign of operating in the flesh rather than being led and empowered by the Spirit.
  • Making plans and asking God to bless them. This may be a sign that we are relying on our own wisdom and reason.

These evidences need to be brought back into balance by returning to the intimate presence of God to seek His power, strength, insight, and guidance.

How is the rhythm of your life—that is, drawn into intimacy with God and thrust out in mission? What, if any, evidences of imbalance do you see? And how is God leading you to respond?