Changing Political Parties

The U.S. presidential election was long, difficult, and often ugly. In its wake is a divided citizenry. Yet for those engaged in the ministry of reconciliation, the opportunities to reflect Jesus and His love are greater than ever.

How do we operate as Kingdom people and Gospel carriers in this environment? I was struck by the thoughts of Nav Neighbors Staff James Helms, who lives these values out with his family in the city of Portland, Oregon:

Well, I've decided to change my political party. After a grueling national race I realize that I can no longer be in the Apolitical party. You have to choose a side, even if you don't land squarely in any of them. I choose the side of love. 
I've joined the Localist Party. If it doesn't exist yet, consider this a soft launch. I can't waste energy on things beyond my control, I can only pray and give those to God. On a local level, however, my values can and should issue forth in action.
So join me. Let's be prayerful about everything and spend our energy focused on our community. To love, serve, hope, and work toward a way of life characterized by love. Jesus called it the Kingdom of God, I'd like to see that come in my neighborhood.
Find someone who looks different than you or someone who believes differently than you or someone who voted differently than you and love them!