What can we learn from those pioneers who forged westward in our country in the 18th and 19th century? They started something new where little or nothing existed before.


In Navigators Neighbors, our aim is to create safe environments where people feel the freedom to be open, honest, transparent, and vulnerable. In such environments they flourish spiritually, find inner healing, and experience release from bondage. We also want to see relationships that are characterized by trust and respect. Where these are lacking, we must develop new skills.

With all those who claim Christ in the United States, we seem to be making very little difference on the culture. Some would say we’re in moral cultural decline. Would a few million more believers make all that much difference? 


Here's Navigators Neighbors' Guiding Principle #5: Minister through family and relational networks. This principle is also one of our Navigators Core Values, and we’re giving it special emphasis in Neighbors. Few of us have built our ministry around family and friends as a focused, intentional, core strategy. Those who do usually experience outstanding results.

Let’s look at Guiding Principle #4: Multiply disciples, laborers, leaders, and communities. The concepts of multiplication and/or spiritual reproduction are embedded deep in the DNA of every Navigator I know. We are all committed to multiplication as a core strategy.