Spiritual Multiplication in Community

We’re examining the principles that are part of our Navigators Neighbors Guiding and Defining Ideas, which resonate with us as Navigators. Let’s look at Guiding Principle #4: Multiply disciples, laborers, leaders, and communities.

All of my recollections of Navigator conferences during my college years include at least one message on multiplication and/or spiritual reproduction. These concepts are embedded deep in the DNA of every Navigator I know. We are all committed to multiplication as a core strategy. 

This strategy often works out something like this. Tom reaches Ken and begins to disciple him. Ken reaches Bob and begins discipling him. Then Bob reaches Jerry and begins discipling him. This continues on to the fourth generation and beyond. The same thing happens with Sally, Jean, Andrea, and Julie. 

Our hopes are that each will be discipled, each will become laborers, and many will become leaders. The theory goes something like this. If we can make the processes simple, doable, reproducible, then anyone can do it and the process will continue on until Jesus returns. 

Sometimes it actually works out that way, yet too often it doesn't. Why is that? Spiritual reproduction is not solely an individual effort. Our western, individualistic perspectives can prevent us from fully seeing the importance of some form of “community” (family, relational network, group) in the multiplication process. 

Our Navigator Vision Statement refers to the Good News of Jesus being proclaimed in such a way that “transformed communities multiply.” For many of us the idea of multiplying communities is a new idea, or at least it is a new skill set. This is an area that we need to grow in together over the coming years. 

What I am saying is, multiplication starts with being in community. What community are you a part of?