Obedience to Jesus, Submission to His Kingdom

As we’ve been unpacking the Guiding and Defining Ideas illustration, I hope you've been both inspired and motivated. Now that we've examined the Strategic Leadership Tools of Direction, Vision, and Strategy, we turn our attention to the first of eight Guiding Principles.

How are we committed to operating? In some ways Guiding Principles are similar to our Navigators Core Values, which you can find here. Our Core Values orient us to what is important as Navigators. They shape our attitudes, actions, and relationships. They direct us in our day-to-day activities and inform our decision-making.

Similarly, the Guiding Principles define the core commitments we want everyone to live by. They clarify the non-negotiables. In Nav Neighbors, here’s the first of eight Guiding Principles: Obedience to Jesus and submission to His Kingdom.

I once had a supervisor who studied the commands of Christ and concluded that Jesus gave 28 specific commands. I’m sure that Jesus said many things that He expects us to do, but when He told the apostles in the Great Commission to teach new disciples “to observe all that I have commanded you,” three commands stand out in my mind.

  • We are to love God with our whole being.
  • We are to love our neighbors as ourselves.
  • And we are to love one another as He loved us.
Obedience to Jesus is much broader than these three commands, but it must begin here. Much of Jesus’ teaching and many of His parables directly relate to His Kingdom that has now come to earth. Although many reading this are U.S. citizens, in Christ, we are also citizens of Jesus’ Kingdom. The rules, principles, and lifestyle of the Kingdom must guide our actions and decisions.

I’ll talk more about this when I describe the Navigators Neighbors Preferred Culture. For now, what does obedience to Jesus and submission to His Kingdom look like in your world—in your day-to-day life and ministry?