Strategy: Strategic Leadership Tool #3

We’ve been talking about three important leadership tools you will find in the Guiding and Defining Ideas—direction, vision, and strategy. We've taken a look at the first two. Let’s look at the final one, strategy.

Last week when discussing our vision, I addressed the idea of transforming individuals, families, neighborhoods, and communities. This is our end game, what we long to see happen. But how do we get there? What are we to do?

Simply put, here is our strategy: To reach those without Christ, develop them into lifelong laborers who flourish in generational ministry, and help them transform their extended family, relational networks, neighborhood, and community. Let me unpack this a bit.

First, notice the verbs: reach, develop, transform. These are the foundational actions we need to model and help others to do the same.

Second, remember, our Central Ministry Focus is this: Nurture and develop lifelong laborers who flourish in generational fruitfulness. Where does this kind of laborer come from? While many laborers may be believers we meet along the way, note that our strategy emphasizes that we will reach those without Christ and develop them into lifelong laborers.

To accomplish our strategy, then, at least some of our efforts must start at the front edge, which is among those without Christ. This is consistent with what we’ve said all along. Our direction is toward those without Christ; our vision begins with planting the Gospel in those without Christ; and now we see that our strategy starts with those without Christ. We will do many other things, but this is our starting point.

Look around. Who in your circle of influence is without Christ? With whom are you starting?