Metro Mission Conference Highlights (2013)

The Navigators Metro National Conference took place in October 2013, with staff from across the United States on hand for the event, which took place at the Glen Eyrie Conference Center in Colorado Springs. It is helpful to look back and remember the impact of this great time together. What an honor to have had so many staff, laborers, and friends join us for this amazing gathering. Below are a few of the highlights:

  • Refreshment and challenges as we heard from God through His Word and from the many outstanding speakers.
  • The opportunity for people involved with like-minded ministries to meet together for important and practical discussions on how to move forward “Living the Gospel Anywhere Anytime.”
  • Hearing from each of the five groups; Under-Resourced Community, Workplace, The Arts, Neighborhoods and Town & Country  on what God has put on their hearts in their ministry.
  • Honoring Bob and Ronda Adgate for their many years of guiding the Metro Mission with excellence and welcoming Mike Jordahl to his new role.
  • Spending quality time with friends, old and new during meals, open time and those walks between the various buildings on the Glen.
Below are a few quotes about the conference:

  • The conference was one of the best, if not the best we’ve ever been to. Thank you SO MUCH for inviting us to attend. We met and/or reconnected with so many like-hearted people and we both felt every meeting and every table conversation was a huge blessing. We were thrilled too, by the diversity we saw and experienced. A number of people commented to us that Abe, Lizzie and Celina were a highlight of the conference for them. Of course Mike was fantastic in his two morning talks. Sunday’s Communion Service was the most meaningful I’ve ever been in. The breakaway sessions were very encouraging and helpful as well. We are still processing all that we heard and saw and have a number of takeaways. —John Warren

  • My time at The Navigator Metro Conference in Colorado Springs in October was filled with reminders of how God perfectly fulfills His promises and can use imperfect me to accomplish His work.  I find great hope and faith in the power of God to spread His Gospel. —Nan Miller
Finally, here's a link to the Conference Videos: 2013 Metro Conference Videos.
Please be selective in how you share these videos. If you have any questions, email Debbie Udall in The Navigators Lifelong Laborers Office. 
And here is a link to the Conference Pictures: 2013 Metro Conference Pictures.