Soul Priority in Chicago

Soul Priority, a work aligned with The Navigators in Chicago, organizes and facilitates local groups of business leaders who meet once a week for 45 minutes, at or near train stations leading into Chicago to discuss business challenges and best practices in the light of faith. Locations and times are chosen to make meeting as convenient as possible for those already having a busy schedule. No preparation is required for participating and no membership fees will be collected. The discussion groups are open to all business leaders whether or not faith is a vital part of their journey. Below is a story from a recent meeting.

After speaking at a breakfast attended by over 50 men about the importance of a repurposed career that gives God the acclaim and benefits those you lead, a young man immediately came up to tell me how VERY important he felt Soul Priority to be. Wanting to drill down a little deeper, I asked why he felt that way. He lowered his head and responded, "I'm being sentenced in February." Fighting back tears, he went on to describe what happened at his office, and wondered out loud how things could have been different had he been encouraged to say, "No!" by a group of business leaders who sought to learn and practice godly principles. The allure of the nicer car, the bigger home and the fatter pay-check have vanished as he, his wife and his children look at the reality of his incarceration. In addition, 150 innocent people are now without jobs, following the closure of his company by the FBI. "You don't know how important the ministry of Soul Priority is," he repeated somberly.

This story highlights the importance of transforming the marketplace with God's best practices for business and leadership.

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