When God's Story Becomes Your Story

In addition to Nav Neighors, the Navigators have also begun to grasp a greater focus on the Workplace. Steve Haynes, Navigator staff in Colorado Springs, shares how God has led him into the unique mission field of the workplace...

About six months ago, Cynthia and I were experiencing something going on in our hearts. Neither one of us knew what was going on but we knew it was God knocking at our hearts. Over the next few months we started preparing to follow when He made his plan clear so we listed our home for sale.

During the first week of January 2013, The Navigators conducted a strategy meeting regarding developing a new ministry called Workplace Ministry. I was invited to attend as a work place practitioner. On Wednesday of that week, our house sold with a full price offer. At the end of the week, I heard God's call to come join Him in this new initiative.

Some people say that we need to wait on the Lord and that's right! But that's not what we experienced. It's all a blur as we look back but God said, "I am at work in this and you need to join me - now! So fasten your seat belt and let's get going."

At the end of January, both Cynthia and I left our jobs, closed on the house, sold or gave away all of our furniture, packed what was left into a U-Haul truck, and started a week long drive to Colorado Springs. During that week we drove through 60 mph wind, a rainstorm, an ice storm, and moved in during a snow blizzard. I tell people we stormed across the country!

We are now full time with The Navigators and will be developing a brand new ministry called Workplace Ministry.

Some would ask the question, "Why a ministry in the work place? I mean, aren't there other places we need to advance the Gospel?" There are currently 140 million people that get up every day and go to work (where they spend most of their time). I believe it's the loneliest place in the world: not many real friends, hard work, long hours away from family and friends, and little recognition for accomplishments. We all do it day after day after day. And very few are trying to help them to know Jesus and to make Him known and to help others do the same.

Virtually, since our inception, The Navigators have been passionate about how the people we engage with live out their experience with God in their every day work life. At various points this has had a more formalized presence and definition. The Business and Professional Ministry and then our more recent Marketplace Network have increasingly focused us as Navigators on the workplace. As we look around The Navigators, there are already a number of workplace ministries across the US and International. However, they are not able to collaborate or integrate individual workplace ministries. We recognize that more can be done for us to come together and make an eternal impact on the work place.

Over the past months, I have been conducting a workplace capability assessment in The Navigators. Pray that we will learn quickly and get introduced to the individuals that can help build the Workplace Ministry.