From the Pit to the Pinnacle in L.A.

One day when my wife was the wedding coordinator at our church, a young lady came into her office requesting a pastor to marry her and her fiance.

Being a pastor, I met with them and soon determined they were not believers. They both had come from very dysfunctional families devoid of love. After several weeks of counseling and sharing the Gospel, they both committed their lives to Christ.

We began meeting with them individually and sharing the basics of the Christian life. Discipleship and commitment was hard for Darwin, but Vikki's heart was responsive and wanting to grow. Our investment of time and prayer for them has paid off. Transformed lives by God's grace have been the result.

Darwin now has a Bible study weekly for 20 men, discipling some of them and is involved in the Men's ministry at their church. Recently Vikki shared her testimony with two groups of ladies and four women accepted Christ as Savior and is encouraging them in their new faith. As they connect with people through real estate, they desire that their lives would be fruitful for His glory.

The value and importance of one-on-one discipleship can not be under estimated and substantiates the importance of never giving up on a person!