Praying and Responding

“The most important use of anyone’s name is when we repeat it in God’s presence.” (The Insider, Jim Petersen and Mike Shamy, NavPress 2003)

Now that you know the names of most of your co-workers and even some of those who come in and out of your work life, how can you get to know them a little better? Or how can you get a desire to? Jesus has a heart for them and if you want to have a heart like His for them, ask Him! He’s eager to give it to you.

You may have tried different ways of talking about faith in the workplace with little or no response. You may have even invited them to go to church or some ‘Christian’ event with you to no avail. Is it you … is it them? Maybe neither.

A local businessman shared with us, “Before moving into our new neighborhood a few years ago, we walked the street asking God to help us get to know our new neighbors beyond simple greetings. Joining the neighborhood association board provided us with the names of most of our neighbors. Praying for them by name gave us hearts for them and led to friendships and ministry that surprised and delighted us. But then, why were we surprised? God listened and moved!”

In a way, the workplace is a neighborhood and prayer moves the hand of God.

So, some suggestions:

  • Make a list of the names of your co-workers (it’s easy to remember names when you are praying for them).
  • As you learn more about them, pray more specifically for them.
  • As they tell you of situations, ask them if you may pray for them (nobody says no!).
  • Ask about the things you are praying about for them.
  • Be ready for God to move!

Click here for a template to use in praying for your work colleagues who do not yet know Christ. Try listing the names of seven of your co-workers and pray for them regularly for a month and see what God will do! May the Lord richly use your life to be salt and light in the work setting where He has placed you.