What You Do Really Matters

“Does what I’m doing really matter?” If you’re like Rick and Debbie Yorgey, Metro staff in Washington, D.C., questions like this cross your mind from time to time as you carry out everyday Navigator ministry in the city.

Especially at the outset of this new year, you want to know if what you do really makes a difference. As you consider your own ministry context, maybe you can relate to these additional questions the Yorgeys have about their ministry.

“Will the teens Rick is leading in Bible study every other Friday night apply any of it to their tumultuous lives?” Debbie paused to consider at the end of 2013. “Are the conversations Rick is having with men making a difference for God’s Kingdom?"

Then she put her own ministry efforts under the spotlight. “Are the children I love every Sunday morning in children’s church going to remember anything I have taught them? Will the moms who are dealing with children with learning differences or depression or normal teenage rebellion be encouraged, or will the kids’ lives be changed as a result of the advice I have given from my own experience?"

Then these questions surfaced when Debbie considered their ministry together: “Do the hours we spend preparing for a seminar or message really count for something? Will the couples we counsel have marriages that better reflect Christ’s love for His Bride because we met with them? And will it really matter if we go out of our way to stop and chat with a neighbor or give some tangible help to someone less fortunate than ourselves?”

About the same time as Debbie pondered these questions, Rick had some questions of his own. During a meeting with a young man he’s mentoring, he felt led to ask: “So, is this time we’re spending together helping you?”

“Are you kidding?” his young friend shot back, amazed that Rick would even ask. “Every teenager should have an adult other than their parents to sit down and talk to!”

“This morning Rick came home from another appointment and told me his friend thanked me for the conversations I’ve had with his wife,” adds Debbie. “Tears came to my eyes because I felt like something I do really matters. I hadn’t consciously realized I was questioning that.”

Can you resonate with Rick and Debbie's line of thinking? If so, make it a matter of prayer—perhaps even pull away for a prayer retreat. Let God affirm your priorities here at the outset of the year. You just might find personal affirmation in your heart as well!