ReImagine Place – A Testimony

To help illustrate the value of learning and growing in neighborhood ministry, Seattle, Washington, Navigator staff Kirk and Amy Lauckner offer the following testimonial. Here they share about the value they received from their training with the Parish Collective, our partner in ReImagine Place (formerly the Navigators Neighbors Leadership Initiative). Their training is very similar to what you will experience with ReimaginePlace.

The training we received from being a part of the Parish Collective's cohort, Leadership in the New Parish, was a valuable and integral part to our formation in neighborhood ministry.
It gave us words and language to articulate our passion for those we live close to. It helped us to identify the answer to the biblical question, "Who is our neighbor?" in surprising ways.
So often as Christians we neglect those who live in close proximity to us and go outside of our "place" and then give lip service and leftovers to those God has placed right next door to us.
The training was not a formula that was "one size fits all" but rather helped us identify the uniqueness of our individual places. There was exposure to other parish/neighborhood situations, hands-on planning, dreaming, and encouraging of one another. There was storytelling and a place to ask questions, share fears and frustrations, as well as delights of what it means to be a "fabric of care.”
As we live more fully into our place we see beauty, redemption, and hope, whereas before we simply walked by and noticed very little.