We are committed to helping people communicate the Good News in their natural contexts. We believe in the importance of people (families, affinity groups, other relational connections) and of place (neighborhoods, communities, towns, and cities). We believe God is transforming not merely individuals but communities as well. We want to join him in that.

As neighbors, we are passionate about nurturing and developing lifelong laborers who flourish in generational fruitfulness. 

That's a heavy task, yet we are not alone. For it is by the power of Jesus Christ and through the wisdom of the Holy Spirit who directs our steps that we move toward initiating deeper relationships with those around us. 

Our vision is to see workers for the Kingdom next door to everyone who are partnering with God and others to transform families, neighborhoods, and communities all across America.

How do we seek to accomplish this? Our strategy is to reach those without Christ, develop them into lifelong laborers who flourish in generational ministry, and help them transform their extended family, relational networks, neighborhood, and community. Learn more about us by clicking here to read "Love Your Neighbor as Yourself."