Reimagine Place


An amazing movement of love, compassion, and restoration is springing up in towns all over North America. 

In three weekend sessions scattered throughout the year, you will discover how God’s dream is tied up in the literal geography of your life. Study, discuss, explore, and ultimately practice meaningful ways to bring the Good News to your context. You’ll discover how to join God in a redemptive mission already unfolding in the places where you live, work, worship, and play.

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ReImagine Place 2023

In Columbus, Ohio!

Past Locations for ReImagine Place

  • Washington D.C.-Baltimore region
  • Minneapolis
  • Portland-Corvalis-Dupont region
  • Cincinnati
  • Denver
  • Austin
  • Detroit
  • Colorado Springs
  • Seattle



Kristie Monteiro

Castro Valley, California

“I had the unique opportunity to take six local friends with me through ReImagine Place in 2016. The combination of four powerful teaching and training intensives, but also a hands-­on practice element in between, has catapulted our group of local missional practitioners into deepening Kingdom activities in our own local ministry. The stimulation, common language, and the discipline to withdraw together for our common mission has been a life­-giving investment to us personally and has deepened our passion for seeing how we bring Good News that has a generational rippling effect in a community for years to come.”


Dave and Tracy Dryud


“Tracy and I have had a passion for neighborhood ministry for many years, but at times we’ve felt alone and discouraged. The training Paul and Tim led us through was excellent! But the sharing of ideas, prayer times together and simply knowing that others understand has been invaluable to continuing to serve God in this very important mission field . . . our neighborhoods!”


Cathy Keim

Castro Valley, California

“The Navigators Neighbors experience has greatly helped to expand my understanding of God’s heart for our local communities. My heart has been opened to the possibilities of seeing the gospel manifest itself through us, the Church, touching others’ lives in the simple act of being neighborly. The idea that I—a stay-at-home mom of school-aged kids—can be of use to the Kingdom just by living out Christ’s love in openness and generosity with my neighbors has been revolutionary and liberating.”


Mike Darnell

Jacksonville, North Carolina

“I am excited learning ‘new’ Kingdom values, learning to live in my place, not above my place, now more than ever. Do not allow the world to squeeze you into its consumer mentality as I have. God places us in our neighborhoods to live among and next door to folk, not slip in and out of our homes simply as a tool to get the ‘mission’ done. God is teaching Navigators Neighbors a new language–come and see! Link up and get rooted!”


Stephanie Wood

Castro Valley, California

“After being invited to participate in Reimagine Place, I discovered something much larger than my own story is unfolding. God is at work knitting together people across the country within their communities to advance His Kingdom. From people’s hearts, to the land, even architecture and economies, His redemptive work is at hand. ReImagine Place has given me language for the things God has been pressing on my heart and it has connected me to like-­hearted people across the country. Participating has been a gift, and it has the possibility for exponential impact.”


John Winder

Corvallis, Oregon

“ReImagine Place has given me a vision for what God, through his Church, is doing all around the country. To be in a room filled with followers of Jesus who have a vision and a passion to make Christ known in their neighborhood and city, to see the gospel come to bear where they live, work and play, and to join God in His dream to restore all things to Himself has been hugely inspiring. I will take that energy and creative inspiration back to my place with renewed vision and excitement.”