Finding Home


What is God’s answer to a lonely and isolated world? Committed community.

In our ten-week discussion guide, Finding Home: Exploring God’s Dream in Our Neighborhood, you will see how God calls us to commit ourselves to the places where we find ourselves. You will develop new hopes and dreams for your neighborhood and learn to love one another as you love yourself. If you are ready to live a life more committed to those nearest you, we would like to help.

Our network of local practitioners offers training to help you learn to lead a Finding Home workgroup. We can custom-fit our training to help you and your local community become everyday disciplemakers. Whether it is just you or a group of friends, we want to encourage, strengthen, and connect with you. If you have a larger group of people interested in committed community living and place-based discipleship, we also offer half-day seminars and year-long intensive cohorts. If you are ready to get started, please contact us: