What encourages you most about the diversity of people and ministries within Navigators Neighbors? Who has complementary gifts you could partner with to maximize your effectiveness?

In your life and ministry, how has God led you to uniquely reflect your commitment to the nations? Also, what does (or might) a “bias toward the younger generations” look like for you?

What part of our Guiding and Defining Ideas really resonates with your heart? Which has led you to make a particular "revision" in your ministry? 

In an effort to develop a more Kingdom-like culture, we will move toward our passion, rhythm, Kingdom lifestyle, and finally, our aspiration. Simply put, our aspiration is to be a life-giving people in all the places God has assigned us. 

When it comes to our Navigators Neigbhors ministry, a second Heart Motivation is Our Kingdom Lifestyle: Living with righteousness, justice, mercy, truth, love, and grace.