Here's Navigators Neighbors' Guiding Principle #5: Minister through family and relational networks. This principle is also one of our Navigators Core Values, and we’re giving it special emphasis in Neighbors. Few of us have built our ministry around family and friends as a focused, intentional, core strategy. Those who do usually experience outstanding results.

Let’s look at Guiding Principle #4: Multiply disciples, laborers, leaders, and communities. The concepts of multiplication and/or spiritual reproduction are embedded deep in the DNA of every Navigator I know. We are all committed to multiplication as a core strategy. 

Let’s turn our attention to Guiding Principle #3: Strengthen and encourage laborers where they live. In Navigators Neighbors, our aim is to see lifelong laborers flourish in generational ministry in their own natural context. Whom should we serve? There are three primary groups of laborers.

Here’s the Navigators Neighbors' Guiding Principle #2: Exercise compassion toward those in need. As Haddon Robinson said in conclusion to a fabulous sermon he gave on the parable of the Good (Merciful) Samaritan, “Your neighbor is anyone whose need you see, whose need God put you in a position to meet.” 

Obedience to Jesus, Submission to His Kingdom

As we’ve been unpacking the Guiding & Defining Ideas illustration, I hope you've been both inspired and motivated. Now that we've examined the Strategic Leadership Tools of Direction, Vision, and Strategy, we turn our attention to the first of eight Guiding Principles.