Here’s the Navigators Neighbors' Guiding Principle #2: Exercise compassion toward those in need. As Haddon Robinson said in conclusion to a fabulous sermon he gave on the parable of the Good (Merciful) Samaritan, “Your neighbor is anyone whose need you see, whose need God put you in a position to meet.” 

Obedience to Jesus, Submission to His Kingdom

As we’ve been unpacking the Guiding & Defining Ideas illustration, I hope you've been both inspired and motivated. Now that we've examined the Strategic Leadership Tools of Direction, Vision, and Strategy, we turn our attention to the first of eight Guiding Principles.

Strategy: Strategic Leadership Tool #3

We’ve been talking about three important leadership tools you will find in the Guiding & Defining Ideas illustration—direction, vision, and strategy. We've taken a look at the first two. Let’s look at the final one, strategy.

Vision: Strategic Leadership Tool #2

In my last blog I mentioned that, just as real sandboxes have tools, the Nav Neighbors Guiding & Defining Ideas "sandbox" has three important leadership tools—direction, vision, and strategy—that help us “play well with others.” We've taken a look at the first tool, direction. Now let’s examine the second, vision.

Direction: Strategic Leadership Tool #1

Just as real sandboxes have such toys as rakes, shovels, buckets, and sieves, the Nav Neighbors Guiding & Defining Ideas "sandbox" has strategic leadership tools. In the next several blogs, we will take a close look at three of these tools: direction, vision, and strategy. When we learn to use these tools well, we will be better positioned to “play well with others.” Let’s turn our attention to the first tool: direction.