The Power of Unity

Anne was a very happy atheist—a graduate student living in her dream city. She didn’t think much about God. But then . . .

Cultivating Compassion

About 100 people have been living in tents in the grassy area next to the freeway off-ramps in our neighborhood. Recently, we learned that the city was going to conduct another “sweep” of the area and that our house-less neighbors would again be moved.

Creating Climates of Grace

What if Navigators were called to build buildings instead of laborers? Suppose we wanted to build a structure that would project power and status. What would that building look like? What would its features be? Now imagine that we want to build something that would invite collaboration and communicate a climate of grace.

A Heart for the Whole Person

Do we look at people merely as Bible-study attenders, or try to bring Jesus into every aspect of their lives?

Next Door to Everyone

Imagine . . . workers for the Kingdom next door to everywhere! That is an incredible destination, but how do we get there?