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Navigator Neighbors is a network of people who believe God’s dream is for people to live deeply connected and restored lives with Him, with each other, and with the created world. We long to see a movement of everyday disciplemakers connecting with those nearest them and joining God and others to restore the people and places right were they live, work, worship, and play.






How to Read the Bible with Your Neighbors

Led by Navigator Staff Paul & Susan Watson on December 4 from 8-9pm ET

In this webinar, we will attempt to paint some pictures of various approaches we have taken through the years that you might want to consider as you engage your neighbors with the person of Jesus.

There will be time for interaction about practical aspects to consider: “setting the stage” for an IBD (Investigative Bible Discussion), how to invite, what to do about childcare, and so on.  Our own stories will be mixed with how-tos.

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Crossing Cultures in Your Neighborhood

Led by Gracism Global Trainer Frank Eastham on Monday, February 5 from 8-9pm ET

Building cross-cultural connections with our neighbors requires intentionality, self-examination, and exploration of the dynamics that impact effective multicultural connections. In this seminar we will:

  • Identify the biblical basis for building cross-cultural relationships.
  • Examine how our past has influenced the beliefs and values that we have developed about people from other colors, classes, and cultures.
  • Explore strategies for developing relationships with people from diverse cultures.
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Offering Hope to Our Neighbors Struggling with their Mental Health

Led by Kimberly Britt, LPC Executive Director of Anchor International, on Tuesday, April 23 from 8-9pm ET

People everywhere are struggling with their mental health, including some of your neighbors! As followers of Christ, we can support these neighbors in their time of need in a way that honors them and offers hope. In this seminar, we will explore the following:

  • What is mental health?
    • Understanding mental health from a biblical worldview and recognizing signs & symptoms.
  • How can I support those struggling?
    • Listening & and offering hope while using safe language.
  • What mental health resources are available for me and my neighbors?
    • How do we connect our neighbors to support/resources as well as gain additional supporter training?

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